Thumbtack & Book Page Wreath

Hey, there!

I made a fun wreath that is sort of in the realm of Thanksgiving-y, so I thought I’d share the tutorial today with you!  I was inspired by this wreath made out of a regular wreath form and brass thumbtacks, but sort of did my own spin on it — when I ran out of thumbtacks!  ;-)

Whole Wreath

This wreath is very simple to make, but a little bit time consuming.  I think in all it took me about four hours?  Enough time to watch a few Christmas movies.  ;-)  (Have you guys started watching some Holiday movies yet, or is it just me?).  Now, if you’re making this wreath — please know that you can absolutely fill up the whole wreath form with thumbtacks and it will definitely look awesome.  I ran out of thumbtacks — after using 1,800.  No, that number is not a joke.  Also, please buy your thumbtacks from The Dollar Store or somewhere equally as cheap.  No need to pay more than a dollar for a box, I promise.  Keep in mind that the estimate number of boxes you need for this wreath in the Supplies List is based on going half-way up and having enough to pin/decorate the book page part.  My wreath is ten inches, so you may want to adjust accordingly.


Wreath form
6 boxes of thumbtacks (300 count per box)
An old book that you don’t mind ripping a few pages from
Ribbon (to hang)


The thumbtack part of this wreath is pretty self explanatory — just pin the thumbtacks so that they are overlapping each other — I promise that once you start, you will get into a rhythm and it will just sort of evolve.

Brass Close-Up

See how they overlap like fish scales?  Kind of?

When you get halfway up (this will take about 5 boxes of the 6 that you need), rip a few pages out of the book that you are using, and tear them into strips.  Don’t leave the nice, finished edge that the book has on the outside — you want the edges to have that sort of roughed-up, torn look.  Then, start tacking them as you wrap them around the wreath form.  You may need to fill in the spaces with smaller pieces of paper, and that is okay.  When the wreath form underneath is no longer showing, take the rest of the tacks and scatter them around to make a “polka-dot” sort of look.

Book Page Close-Up
It won’t look perfect, but it does look pretty fun!

Whole Wreath Closer
Then, all that’s left is to tie that ribbon and hang it!  :-)  Choose a somewhat neutral ribbon for Thanksgiving flare, and then change it out in a couple of days (OMG — a couple of days???) with some red ribbon to carry you through a couple weeks of the Christmas season (because I am so making another wreath.  Duh!).  Easy peasy!

Whole Wreath Close-Up
And there you have it!  :-)

Have you been busy making any wreaths?  Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Can you even believe how close we are to celebrating Turkey Day?! Sheesh.


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  1. Julia

    Oh yes, I am totally addicted to the Hallmark channel right now! And I am thinking of bringing out my favorite “The Holiday” this weekend! I love the wreath. It’s perfect on a black door!

    • Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

      Thanks so much, Julia! One thing I love about our apartment is that it came equipped with a black door! :-) Oh, I so wish that we had the Hallmark channel — I’ll have to settle for Lifetime, which has been showing some fun Christmas movies lately! And, of course, “The Holiday” is a must!

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