Shopping Small

Hey there, everyone.  I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!  I wasn’t planning on writing today, but a post from one of my favorite blogs, Coco + Kelley, has compelled me to do so.  As you all probably know, today is Small Business Saturday, a day where we are encouraged to shop small and locally for our gifts.  This really has me excited, because although I love bigger corporate stores, I have also discovered an amazing gifting community in Etsy.  I am thrilled that most all of the gifts my husband and I are giving to our families this year are from Etsy, and almost everything that I asked for this Christmas is from Etsy, too.  Although it can take time to sift through all of the items to find what you are really looking for — I love it.  It’s like a hunt, you know?  Like looking through racks of clothes to find that one perfect piece, and then all of a sudden it’s there.  I thought today I would share some of my favorite items and Etsy stores with you, and encourage you to shop small and get out and stimulate the local businesses in your community.

Stories and Divinations – A place where I have found beautiful vintage maps.  These are perfect gifts for someone who is moving, or someone who has a favorite place to travel to.

Bellamantra – A store filled with amazing handmade jewelry.  Think: scissor bracelets, bird earrings…  This woman is incredibly talented.

Tell me this Wishbone print isn’t completely gorgeous.


Honestly, I think one can never have enough washi tape.  All my crafting friends would agree with me, I’m sure…



I think my most favorite of all gift ideas are these custom home portraits…  Good for any new homeowner, or really any homeowner at all!


I hope you enjoy your Small Business Saturday.  I will see you back here on Monday!  xo



  1. Becca

    What great gift ideas! I love shopping local, too. And, thanks so much for your visit and kind note about the movie-themed tree I did for a client. I’m sure your tree filled with purple ornaments is absolutely beautiful!

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