Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold…

Hey there, friends!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a fabulously long and cozy Thanksgiving weekend.  Did any of you hit any of the Black Friday sales?  After thinking about it, I decided not to this year.  It just didn’t seem worth it to me, and there wasn’t really anything that I had a “goal” of buying early or super-super on sale, so I skipped!  :-)

I have a fun craft for you this morning — and we’re getting into Christmas crafts starting now, my friends!  I hope you enjoy the coming month of December on Inspiration Affirmation.  We’re going to have a lot of fun!

So.  Remember my love of thumbtacks that I expressed last week when I made my very own Thumbtack Book Page Wreath?  Well, I decided that I would bring back the thumbtack fun again this week with another easy peasy craft.

I saw this idea on Pinterest last week and I knew that I had to try my hand at making a few beautiful thumbtack Christmas trees.  I wanted mine to be made with the gold-colored thumbtacks, with one tree decorated in both silver and gold (you know, like the song!).  And that, my friends, is just what I did!

trees on pedestals
You are going to need a lot of thumbtacks.  I used 10 boxes of 300 for these guys.  Since they are only $1 each at the Dollar Store, I would suggest overestimating.  The small trees require about two boxes each.  The large?  About six.  It was crayyy-zeee.  I just used a few styrofoam cones from Hobby Lobby and went for it — one row at a time, starting from the bottom.  Very very simple, however, time consuming.  I’m telling you, though — just put in a couple of Christmas movies, fix yourself a bowl of Reindeer Mix, and you’ll have fun — I promise!

trees on pedestals closeup
I really am enjoying these trees up on their pedestals.  Two are candleholders, and the milky white one is actually a vase that the small tree balances quite nicely on top of.  We’ll be careful, I promise.  ;-)

trees flat
Here they are flat, too.  Still cute, just maybe not quite as fancified, you know?  You can see the silver and gold flecks in the tree on the right.

trees flat closeup
Happy little tree family.  I just love ’em.

How would you do these trees up even more?  Would you have done all silver?  All gold?  Maybe even hot glue some gems or Mod Podge some beads on these babies?  Oooh–or maybe add some glitter!  Hmmm….


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  4. Michele Smith

    I a getting ready to start some for Christmas this year. I am having trouble with my tacks staying in the Styrofoam. Any suggestions? I love these too by the way. Great!! Thanks

    • Maria @ Inspiration Affirmation

      Sorry I am responding to this so late! I have been away from the blog for a while. The best way that I got my tacks to stay in was by layering them over one another a little bit. I had trouble with some staying in when I would poke a hole too big for it to firmly stay in place. When that happened, I would just poke a new hole nearby. Hope this helps! And again, I apologize for just getting to this comment today. Thanks for reading!

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