All Things Glitter

I am a fan of all things that glitter.  It’s just a fact.  And at Christmastime?  This love for glitter is effectively doubled, my friends.  My husband may even argue that it’s tripled (lucky him, I know!).  So the other day when I was perusing Target and all of the lovely Christmas decor they have out right about now, I stumbled upon a cute little 2-pack of flat ornaments that I immediately fancied.  They were gold, glittery, and snowflake-y.  (And by this point we all know that I have a love affair with gold decor, right?)  Fun, yes?  I bought three packs of the ornaments — $4 all said and done.

Most years at Christmastime, my mother-in-law decorates the chandelier above the dining room table with ornaments — and I have always loved what a sweet touch that was.  (Maybe I can snap a picture of this for you all if she has it up again this year!).

So.  Above my desk in my office area of our apartment, I have a perty Chandelier, which we bought from Ikea.

There she is!  I love her, and I felt like she needed to feel gussied up for Christmas, too.  So…


Fun, yes?  :-)  Now all I’ve gotta worry about is hitting my head when I stand up from my chair!  But if that’s the price I’ve got to pay for Little Miss Chandy to look as sweet as she does right now, I’ll take it!  :-)

What else would be fun to hang on a chandelier?  You could do candy canes, for sure.  More crystal ornaments would look beautiful, I bet, if you’ve got a crystal chandy already.  Maybe even some beads strung up in there would look nice.  Ideas?


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  1. Nancy Pratt

    Maybe Icicles? Beads? Christmas Bulbs? All colors, or just gold. Little stockings? Wow, this is fun!! Ohh the possibilities! I wonder what it would look like on my chandelier?? :)

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