Hostess Gift: White Chocolate Oreos

Last week on Thanksgiving, my husband and I ate our feast at my Aunties’ house with a bunch of other family.  They are wonderful hosts, and we had such a great time.  They didn’t need any help with meal preparation, but I knew that I couldn’t go over there empty-handed!  ;-)  I decided to whip up some White Chocolate-Covered Oreos for them and dress them up in a pretty tin with some muffin liners.

cookies in tin top
This is so simple, it really doesn’t even need a tutorial.  You need Oreo’s, Baker’s White Chocolate, and edible glitter (mine is from Williams-Sonoma).

colors on baking sheet
Simply heat the chocolate according to the package directions, then dye with food coloring (or don’t, whatever!) and dip away!  I found the best way to do the ones that are completely covered was to place them in the chocolate, stir them around gently with a wooden spoon, and then lift them out of the chocolate with a fork and shake off the excess chocolate.

pink on baking sheet
Place on waxed paper on a cookie sheet, and stick ’em in the refrigerator for a bit if you want to speed up the drying process.

white on baking sheet
I needed about 2 1/2 packages of chocolate for my cookies.  Depending on how you decorate them, you may need more, or you may need less.

tin side
The tin is a simple one that I bought from Target — I think it was $5?  I know that I could have gotten something for a bit cheaper at the Dollar Store, but I didn’t want to make the extra trip.

tin top
I customized a simple brown tag from Hobby Lobby with a couple strips of Martha Stewart brand washi tape and my very own chicken scratch (yeah, my handwriting isn’t all that pretty).  The bow is from my stash…I’m obsessed with bows.  ;-)

cookies in tin side
Very easy little gift, and cute, too!  I think in all it took me about an hour or so?  Plus, they are deeeelicious.  I may or may not have saved a few for Greyson and myself.  ;-)

What other ways could you customize these for different holidays?  Give me some ideas!  The options are endless, I’m sure!


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