Vintage Waterford Bowl + Pinecones

Hey there, friends!  Happy December!  Can you believe we are already there?  This season is going by so fast, it’s unreal.  I am attempting to do a lot of decorating and nesting so that I can really enjoy this season.  :-)

I have an easy Christmas decorating idea for you this morning.  I changed out the centerpiece on our coffee table, all with the help of some pinecones and a vintage Waterford crystal bowl that has been passed down to me from my grandmother — the bowl is over one hundred years old!

pinecones in bowl, close
Last week I showed you my centerpiece on my coffee table that consisted of berries and a really beautiful vase that my mother-in-law got me, and that has since been relocated.  I like to keep our coffee table really simple so that it is not distracting to my husband when he watches The Walking Dead, lol.  Because, Heaven forbid!  ;-)  The pinecones came from Target, and they smell like cinnamon — amazing!

pinecones in bowl, very close
I like that there are all sizes — it really made the zhushing process a lot easier!

coffee table and sofa
Now, let me tell you about this bowl.  It’s kind of a funny story.  I was over at my Gramma’s house one day and we were looking through some of her things.  She grabbed this bowl and said, “Do you want this old thing?” and I thought it was beautiful, so I told her that I would.  She told me she was going to go get the box, and when she returned, she had a Waterford box that this piece fit perfectly inside of, and she nonchalantly mentioned that the bowl was “old.”  Upon further research, I realized that it is old — like 100 years old!  

I love having this bowl.  My mom says that she remembers my Gramma putting pretty ornament bulbs in it around Christmastime.  I think I will end up doing that later in the season, but for now, I’m happy with the sweet pinecones.

room further away
I’m looking forward to passing this down to my daughter someday, if we have one.  Or maybe a daughter-in-law?  We’ll see… ;-)

Do you have any surprise family heirlooms that have made it into your home?  What else would you put in this bowl?


*I featured our 2012 Christmas tree last Friday!  If you would like to see more of that, head on over!*

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  1. Sarah {Lacquer & Linen}

    I love having sentimental pieces in my home. What a special piece to have around the holidays too! I love your Christmas tree! I’ve been wanting to do an eggplant colored tree (decor anyway!) for years. It is such a beautiful compliment to the green tree. Lovely job!

  2. Taylor Orriss

    How sweet, Maria. You know, you could always glitter up the pine cones later in the season too! It’s really easy and would look fab. :)

  3. Karen

    That bowl is a real treasure, I cant believe it’s 100 years old.It looks really pretty with the pine cones in it.Thanks so much for visiting me.

  4. Julia

    Such a special piece and I love it filled with pine cones! Ornaments would also be fun a bit closer to Christmas. I have a side table in my dining room from my Grandmother that I just adore. It was passed down to her from her Great Aunt and it’s over 100 years old. I love special pieces like this with history.

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  6. Kathryn Cain

    looks like a heavy lead cut glass. piece…and waterford makes it a higher value, a today price if hand cut well ove 150.00 the sad thing is that so many do not get it, and really nice cut glass sits on antique dealer shelves…look for a few at vintage shops…and hold to the light does it catch the glass…cut glass not pressed…you have a gem and grandma would be so happpy to know you are using it…

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