Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: A Christmasy Entry

Happy Wednesday!  We’re on Day Three of Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tour Series (say that five times fast, ha!) and I’m so glad that you are here!  If you missed Monday’s post where I wrote about what’s going on here at Inspiration Affirmation these next couple of weeks, head over there now (rumor has it there’s a beautiful room waiting for you there, too!)  And if you missed yesterday’s post about festive decor ideas for your kitchen, you may want to backtrack a little bit!  ;-)

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation} I’ve got my mother-in-law’s Christmasy entry for you today on the blog!  Here’s this week’s schedule, too, in case you missed it!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation} Let’s head into that entry, shall we?

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
There’s so much *pretty* in this room — from Santa to a serene angel to two flocked trees with cutie Pottery Barn owls…  Let’s take a closer look!

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Here’s Santa for you, and if he’s not festive, I don’t know who is!  ;-)  I love his scraggly beard and garland embellishment.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
A pretty and glitzy angel sits inside of a silver bowl.  Isn’t she lovely?  And a golden sleigh next to her is the perfect drop-spot for Christmas cards from season to season.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Two flocked trees greet you upon walking in the front door, and they are decorated with sweet silver ornaments and adorable fuzzy owls.

A Christmas Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Too cute not to pet, I’m tellin’ you.  Those little eyes!

Let’s take one last look at the entry, just for good measure.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}

What’s your favorite aspect of this Christmasy entry?  Do you have a Santa waiting to greet you upon walking in your front door?  How about some fuzzy owls?  ;-)

*Don’t miss tomorrow’s post about my mother-in-law’s Crystal Tree!*

{Inspiration Affirmation}



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