Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: The Crystal Tree

Good morning!  We’re on Day Four of Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tour Series (say that five times fast, ha!) and I’m so glad that you are here!  If you’re just tuning in, you may want to start back at Monday’s post where I explain what is going on here at Inspiration Affirmation for the next couple of weeks — I hear that there is a beeeautiful room waiting for you there, as well!  ;-)

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation} Tuesday brought us some great kitchen Christmas decorating inspiration, and Wednesday I featured my mother-in-law’s entry, which is complete with flocked trees and cutie Pottery Barn owls!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation} Here we are at Day Four, which brings me to my favorite tree at my mother- and father-in-law’s house… The Crystal Tree.  This tree sits in the main living area of the house, where we gather as a family to chit-chat after dinner or watch football on Superbowl Sunday!  ;-)

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love this tree for many reasons, but mostly I just love how it is all-white with little glimpses of silvery and glittery perfection.

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
This tree is lit up not by lights within the branches, but by sprigs of snowy white sticks that you see jutting out of the tree.  These give off an amazing glow and truly make this tree shimmer.  And do you see those miniature chandeliers?  Those are all over the tree, and they are powered by (fake) tea lights to make them glow!  (Fun fact: those little chandeliers were used at our wedding last November, and my sister-in-law’s too!)

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love the ribbon that cascades down the tree.  For a good tutorial on how to accomplish this sort of look for your tree, check out this video from Robeson Design.

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
One more look at the Crystal Tree.  :-)  It just makes me happy.  Oh, and I have a tip for you, too — straight from my mother-in-law!  I asked her if she has to make a new bow for her tree from year to year, and she told me that the answer is nope!  Simply fill your bow loops with tissue paper to keep its shape and store it delicately — this should last you a couple of years.  And this goes for all of your bows, too!

So…the Crystal Tree.  Isn’t she pretty?  Do you have any tips on keeping your bows fresh for a couple of years?

*Make sure you come back tomorrow for a special take on Friday’s Room Translation!*

{Inspiration Affirmation}



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