Layers of Gray



Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}
A couple of weeks ago, in a blog post that I wrote about pendant lighting, a reader (who happens to be my mother-in-law) pointed out that I had used a gray + white color scheme for most all of the photos in that post!  I laughed when I realized that I totally had done just that — and not on purpose.  After consulting my Pinterest boards, I saw that my love of gray follows me everywhere in terms of my love for interiors, photography, table settings, you name it.  And let’s not even start talking about my closet.  ;-)  The more that I looked at my love for the color gray, I saw that I especially love the look of layers of gray, coming together to create a beautiful palette that is so relaxing to me.


Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}
I would consider myself especially partial to a gray kitchen — I cannot escape my love and affection for white marble countertops and gray cabinetry with stainless steel finishes.  However, I wouldn’t mind having a gray bedroom, either.  You’d have to twist my arm, though…  ;-)


Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}
To me, layering grays with a few pops of color or subdued neutrals equals a rich, yet serene color palette that I find to be so luxurious.  I love that you can modern this color palette up, or make it just as traditional depending on your furniture and accessories.  It’s more difficult to do that with other color palettes, I find.


Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Layers of Gray  {Inspiration Affirmation}
What do you think of color palettes including layer upon layer of gray?  I really enjoy the dimension that it offers in design and I really find that a predominantly gray room has just as much to ‘say’ as a supremely colorful and flamboyant room!


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  2. Louise Edu (@Laid_Off_Mom)

    Ok, I have a conundrum w/ grey. I absolutely LOVE it…wear, have it in my home…but I always feel like it’s not colorful enough. Your post has def given me hope Maria! hehe I love hte idea of layering different shades of grey w/ pops of color. Not boring at all =)

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