From Old to New

When my husband and I moved in together, we had even more of a hodge-podge of furniture than we do now.  Things are starting to come together pretty well, but it wasn’t always that way.  One of the pieces of furniture that we have that I really love is an old side table that he had when he was a kid!  Now it sits in our living room, awaiting a good paint job when I find a moment in my abundant spare time, lol.  But I figured an easy way to update it a little bit while it sits in the must-paint-this line was to change the hardware!

cabinet closer old hardware
As you can see, the handles were pretty dated.

{Inspiration Affirmation}
They just sort of blended in with the piece of furniture itself…nothing too exciting.

{Inspiration Affirmation}
Originally, I was going to go with lucite handles, but when I went to Lowe’s, I ended up falling in love with some knobs instead!  Go figure!

{Inspiration Affirmation}

{Inspiration Affirmation}
I really loved the contemporary knot design, and the fact that they were a gold/brass color made the birds sing, in my opinion!  ;-)  We all know how much I love that finish.

{Inspiration Affirmation}
Old hardware off!  (As you can see, this piece definitely needs a paint job.  I’m thinking a pretty charcoal-y gray!)

{Inspiration Affirmation}

{Inspiration Affirmation}
And there you have it.  An easy update for $10.  I’m a happy girl.

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