A Touch of Coral


So…here’s the deal.  I’ve finally decided on a color scheme for our living room.  Gray, neutral textures, gold/silver accents, and coral.  I like the idea of keeping with a soft color palette so that I can switch out my accent colors ever couple of years or whenever I want!  I’m really looking forward to painting a good amount of our furniture so that it looks great in this soon-to-be-neutral space.  But this idea started with a vase.


{Inspiration Affirmation}
I found this pretty on clearance at Target…we’re talking $6, people.  I just love the perfect combination of orange and pink.


{Inspiration Affirmation}
For now, she sits on my lucite tray next to my gilded egg dome.  ;-)  But things are always moving all over the place around here.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


{Inspiration Affirmation}
I’m enjoying the orange-y glow as the vase catches the afternoon light that comes through my window!

Inspiration Affirmation Signature







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