Three-Dimensional Design

Hey, there!  I thought that today I could open up a discussion about Three-Dimensional Design.  This is a great way to decorate with intention and really draw upon a little bit of whimsy and sweetness in a space.  Three-Dimensional Design is…

…Taking something from two-dimensional to three-dimensional…

Simple enough, right?  Let me show you what exactly I mean.

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Do you see the artwork in the background with the red and white design?  Well, those colors have intentionally been brought into the three-dimensional realm with the addition of the wingback chair and pillow (although, I find that pillow sort of disappointing, don’t you?).

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
The same story goes for this interior — the colors from the artwork have been stepped forward in the collaged chair seat and floofy pillow.

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
This example is a little bit harder to see — you’ll just have to look closely!  The mural on the back wall of all of the plants is stepped forward with a real plant, which is off to the right side.  See it?  This is one of the most classic ways in which to use three-dimensional design — and one of the easiest!

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
A rhythmic spotted piece of artwork from the back of this room is brought forward with similarly punctuated ottomans at the foot of the bed.

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Floral artwork from behind the bed is repeated on the bedding itself.  I love this!  Those pink pillows look like velvet to me, too.  Melt-worthy!

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Floral wallpaper is stepped forward with a floral fabric covering the seat of this fun side chair.  I love this color combination, don’t you?

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
This is just a simple example of how three-dimensional design can be achieved.  Floral wallpaper or draperies?  Just add a vase of flowers in front and you have mastered this design trick!

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
A floral wallpaper is mimicked with a different floral-patterned tabletop.  Brilliant!  The fact that one of these prints has “chosen” to be black and white makes this work.

Three-Dimensional Design  {Inspiration Affirmation}
And finally, one of my most favorite examples — framed seashell artwork decorates this bathroom with little jars of seashells intermixed.  Whoever designed this bathroom did that on purpose!

Where are some areas in your home where you have used three-dimensional design.  I’ll bet it’s one of those things that you’ve been doing without even realizing you’re doing it!  ;-)

Inspiration Affirmation Signature

All images from Lonny.


One comment

  1. Pati Mo

    that’s so interesting, i never noticed that but now it’s all i see. my favorite is #4, that main polka dot painting set the tone for the rest of the black & white room.

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