Hey, There

Well, clearly it’s been a while.  Since June, in fact.  And I believe last time I popped in to say hello, I said I’d be sticking around.  And obviously I did, because you haven’t heard from me in four months.  ;-)  School kept me very busy (like it should!) up until the very end of my program, and there just weren’t enough hours in the day.  I’m sure you all can relate to that.  After a ton of glorious, passionate work, I turned in my Final Project this past Tuesday.  It was hard letting go of my “baby” and turning it in as my last hurrah, my judgment piece, if you will — but it felt good at the same time.

It’s been a little bit bittersweet around here lately.  On one hand, I am so thrilled to have finished school, but on the other, it’s almost like I left a safe bubble, you know?  Now I’ll be joining the workforce and entering into a whole new chapter of my life.  It’s a little scary.

As for blogging, I have missed it.  A lot.  And I’m definitely going to be around here more often.  For now, I’m not going to commit to a five-posts-a-week schedule, but I’ll promise you that if something inspires me enough to share it with you, I will.  That’s really why I started this blog in the first place, right?

Thanks so much for your e-mails and questions.  I know your responses have been a long time coming, and you’ll all get them soon!

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