Room Translation: Beachy Living Room

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Room Translation, so I thought that it might be a fun change of pace for today.  I love beachy spaces.  I especially love them when the designer leaves the kitsch out of the decorating and simply adorns the room with natural elements, cozy (slip-covered!) furniture, and a few water references throughout.  Nope, no anchors or sails for me — I want subtle suggestions of the beach and the occasional shell or two.  That, to me, is what dreamy beachy spaces are made of.

Room Translation: Beachy Living Room  {Inspiration Affirmation}
{Source Unknown} – if you do know, please respond in the comments

I love this interior.  The chaise lounge is begging to be sat in, don’t you think?  I love the warmth from the brick fireplace that is paired beautifully with that rustic taupe console table.  Casual water colors are dropped in here and there in the perfect way that makes this space say, “I am a house made for days by the water and nights by the fire.”  I also love the beadboard accent wall, which adds a bit more texture to the space.  However, this room is surely not lacking in the texture department.  Look around and notice all of the elements of this room that you can feel without even having to touch them!  Anyway, here’s my translation:

Beachy Living Room

Chaise  —  Console Table  —  Lamp  —  Mirror  —  Pillow  —  Vase  —  Artwork

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