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Charlotte Hardy Artwork

Hey there, peeps!  It’s been a while.  :-)

I’m here today to write about one of my new favorite artists, Charlotte Hardy.  I first came across Ms. Hardy’s work while on a pinning spree on Pinterest (who doesn’t love those?) and I was inspired to look into her a little bit more to see what other works she creates that I connect with.  It turns out I connect with and love all of what she does!  I’m going to share some of my favorite works with you today, and I just know that you will be a Charlotte Hardy fan, too, once we’re finished (if you aren’t already!).

First, some background information.  Charlotte is a mixed media artist who uses acrylic paints, inks, oil pastels, and collage on both handmade and watercolor paper.  On her artist profile on Will’s Art Warehouse, she writes, “I am inspired by interesting and odd fashioned objects in museums, shops, markets, cafes and domestic environments. A small sketchbook is always with me.”  How awesome is that?  An inspired woman living a truly inspired life.

Here are some of my favorites…

The Parlour {Charlotte Hardy}


Spring Washing {Charlotte Hardy}


Margaret Rose Dress {Charlotte Hardy}

Lavender Wallpaper  {Charlotte Hardy}


French Restaurant {Charlotte Hardy}


Chiffon Dress {Charlotte Hardy}


Augusta {Charlotte Hardy}


Swan Lake {Charlotte Hardy}


Marigold {Charlotte Hardy}


Oriental Birds {Charlotte Hardy}


Chandelier {Charlotte Hardy}


Champagne  {Charlotte Hardy}


Cupcakes {Charlotte Hardy}

Wedding Cake {Charlotte Hardy}


Clementine {Charlotte Hardy}

Queen Anne {Charlotte Hardy}

Aren’t these pieces just so wonderful?  I love how whimsical they are and how they really capture the sweetness in these special objects and scenes.  They have so much personality and life — I would love to live inside of quite a few of these artworks!  :-)

Which one is your favorite?

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