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Woodsy Home Inspiration #1

 Hey, there!  :-)  Thanks for hopping over from Redecorate this AM.  Glad to have you here!

I collect a lot of inspiration for a home that I hope to build with my husband someday… a home in the woodsy wilderness where we can retreat with our family and relax!  Most of my gathering of inspiration comes from magazine tear-out sheets, but I also find a lot of wonderful things on my Woodsy Vacation Home board on Pinterest.  Every now and then, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite inspiration pictures when it comes to this future home — which is what’s goin’ on over here today!  ;-)

 Harper’s Bazaar

Pretty mudroom with a collection of umbrellas for those rainy days.


Marguerite Rodgers
I like the contemporary feel of this bathroom, but it still says ‘woodsy’ to me, for some reason.  Must be the lighting and those faucets!

Home Decorators Collection

Amy Meier Design
I mean, come on.  It doesn’t get much better than this, people!

House & Home

 The Marion House Book
Just take a look at all of the beautiful natural elements in this vignette.  Gorgeous.


What are some must-haves for your woodsy home?