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Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: Room Translation

Happy Friday, friends!  I’m glad we made it.  ;-)  If you’ve been around Inspiration Affirmation at all this week, you know that we’re right in the midst of a two-week long series called Moms’ Christmas Home Tours.  This week has been dedicated to my mother-in-law and her gorgeous Christmas decor, and next week, it’s my momma’s turn to take the stage!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation} Here’s what this week’s schedule has looked like, and I will be posting the links to prior days at the near-end of this post in case you missed any!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation} So, here we are.  It’s Friday, and that always means it’s time for a Room Translation.  But, I thought I would mix it up a little bit and do a variation of my traditional Room Translation post.  I’m sure you remember the Brick Room from Day One of this series.  If not, here’s a little refresher.

Room Translation {Inspiration Affirmation}

Room Translation {Inspiration Affirmation}
I thought for this week’s translation post, I would break down this room for ya!  Fun, right?  (You better believe I’ll be doing this next week for my mom’s decor, too!)

Christmas In the Brick Room

Parisian Love Seat  {Frankie}
Electric Fireplace  {Lamps Plus}
Antique Persian Rug  {Landry & Arcari}
Small Velvet Chairs  {Oliver Bonas}
Feather Wreath  {Pier 1}  – But could easily be DIY!
Fun Christmas Stocking  {Frontgate} – Out of Stock, but similar at Pier 1!
Red Beaded Ornaments {Trendy Tree} – Top Right
Pre-Lit Garland  {Christmas Lights Etc.}
Red Taper Candles  {Pier 1}
Red + Gold Swirly Ornament  {Pier 1}
Red + Gold Lattice Ornament  {Sears}
Gold Beaded Pillows  {Pier 1}

Along with this week’s recap, I also have a round-up of decorating accessories that are much like the ones my mother-in-law used around her home.  :-)  But first, let’s talk about what we did this week!

On Monday, I showed you how my mother-in-law decorates for Christmas in the Brick Room — red tree, feathers, and all!
Christmas In the Brick Room {Inspiration Affirmation}
On Tuesday, we peeked into her kitchen to see what goes on in there this time of year in terms of decor.  There is a kitchen tree (of course), lots of greenery, and some ribbon for good measure.
A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
On Wednesday, we hung around the entryway, which is decked out with flocked trees and adorable little furry owls.
A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
And finally, on Thursday, we ogled over the Crystal Tree in the living room!  This is my favorite tree, and I was so excited to share it with you!
The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}

I’ve thrown together some “decorating essentials” for you to get the look that my mother-in-law has goin’ in her house!


Crystal Ornament  {Waterford}  – For your crystal tree
Pre-Lit Wreath  {Home Depot}  – For your range hood
Christmas Angel Tree Topper  {Kirklands}  – For your entry
Red Ornaments  {Crate and Barrel}  – For your apothecary jar
Feather Owl Ornaments  {Pier 1}  – For your flocked trees
Santa Statue  {Bed Bath and Beyond}  – For your entry
Cupcake Ornament  {Bronner’s}  – For your kitchen tree
Apothecary Jar  {Pier 1}  – For your kitchen island

I hope you enjoyed Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tours Series.  I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for you next week!  :-)

{Inspiration Affirmation}


Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: The Crystal Tree

Good morning!  We’re on Day Four of Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tour Series (say that five times fast, ha!) and I’m so glad that you are here!  If you’re just tuning in, you may want to start back at Monday’s post where I explain what is going on here at Inspiration Affirmation for the next couple of weeks — I hear that there is a beeeautiful room waiting for you there, as well!  ;-)

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation} Tuesday brought us some great kitchen Christmas decorating inspiration, and Wednesday I featured my mother-in-law’s entry, which is complete with flocked trees and cutie Pottery Barn owls!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation} Here we are at Day Four, which brings me to my favorite tree at my mother- and father-in-law’s house… The Crystal Tree.  This tree sits in the main living area of the house, where we gather as a family to chit-chat after dinner or watch football on Superbowl Sunday!  ;-)

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love this tree for many reasons, but mostly I just love how it is all-white with little glimpses of silvery and glittery perfection.

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
This tree is lit up not by lights within the branches, but by sprigs of snowy white sticks that you see jutting out of the tree.  These give off an amazing glow and truly make this tree shimmer.  And do you see those miniature chandeliers?  Those are all over the tree, and they are powered by (fake) tea lights to make them glow!  (Fun fact: those little chandeliers were used at our wedding last November, and my sister-in-law’s too!)

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love the ribbon that cascades down the tree.  For a good tutorial on how to accomplish this sort of look for your tree, check out this video from Robeson Design.

The Crystal Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
One more look at the Crystal Tree.  :-)  It just makes me happy.  Oh, and I have a tip for you, too — straight from my mother-in-law!  I asked her if she has to make a new bow for her tree from year to year, and she told me that the answer is nope!  Simply fill your bow loops with tissue paper to keep its shape and store it delicately — this should last you a couple of years.  And this goes for all of your bows, too!

So…the Crystal Tree.  Isn’t she pretty?  Do you have any tips on keeping your bows fresh for a couple of years?

*Make sure you come back tomorrow for a special take on Friday’s Room Translation!*

{Inspiration Affirmation}

Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: A Christmasy Entry

Happy Wednesday!  We’re on Day Three of Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tour Series (say that five times fast, ha!) and I’m so glad that you are here!  If you missed Monday’s post where I wrote about what’s going on here at Inspiration Affirmation these next couple of weeks, head over there now (rumor has it there’s a beautiful room waiting for you there, too!)  And if you missed yesterday’s post about festive decor ideas for your kitchen, you may want to backtrack a little bit!  ;-)

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation} I’ve got my mother-in-law’s Christmasy entry for you today on the blog!  Here’s this week’s schedule, too, in case you missed it!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation} Let’s head into that entry, shall we?

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
There’s so much *pretty* in this room — from Santa to a serene angel to two flocked trees with cutie Pottery Barn owls…  Let’s take a closer look!

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Here’s Santa for you, and if he’s not festive, I don’t know who is!  ;-)  I love his scraggly beard and garland embellishment.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
A pretty and glitzy angel sits inside of a silver bowl.  Isn’t she lovely?  And a golden sleigh next to her is the perfect drop-spot for Christmas cards from season to season.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Two flocked trees greet you upon walking in the front door, and they are decorated with sweet silver ornaments and adorable fuzzy owls.

A Christmas Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}
Too cute not to pet, I’m tellin’ you.  Those little eyes!

Let’s take one last look at the entry, just for good measure.

A Christmasy Entry {Inspiration Affirmation}

What’s your favorite aspect of this Christmasy entry?  Do you have a Santa waiting to greet you upon walking in your front door?  How about some fuzzy owls?  ;-)

*Don’t miss tomorrow’s post about my mother-in-law’s Crystal Tree!*

{Inspiration Affirmation}

Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: A Festive Kitchen

Good morning!  It’s Day Two of Week One of my Moms’ Christmas Home Tour series (say that five times fast, ha!) and I am so happy to have you back for today’s installment!

Moms' Christmas Home Tours {Inspiration Affirmation}
If you weren’t here yesterday, you’re definitely going to want to backtrack and see what’s goin’ on here at Inspiration Affirmation for the next couple of weeks.  (Plus there is a beautiful room waiting for you on Monday’s post!)

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation}
We’re on Day Two, so let’s see about what’s going on in the kitchen, shall we?

A Festive Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
First of all, what’s Christmas in the kitchen without a Kitchen Tree?  (Pssst!  You can see a sneak peak of Thursday’s post in the background!)  This tree is filled with adorable kitchen-y ornaments.  Think cupcakes and bottles of champagne and garlic and grapes and…  Fun, right?

A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
Over in the dining area off the kitchen, the chandy has been decked out with ribbon and sizable ornaments!  Remember, I showed you my take on the decorated chandelier a couple of weeks ago?

A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
Christmas baubles fill an apothecary jar on the counter of the kitchen island, and a pretty peppermint-inspired candle sits inside of a glass pedestal.  These are Christmas kitchen staples!

A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
The Christmas decor continues with a garland sitting atop one of the sources of light in this kitchen.

A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love how this wreath just sits so delicately on top of the range hood.  This is always in the kitchen from year to year.  Let’s light that baby up!

A Festive Christmas Kitchen {Inspiration Affirmation}
Ahhh, there we go.  :-)

Do you use any of these decorating ideas in your own kitchen?  I love how simple this decor is but it still brings Christmas into the room that seems to be the central hang-out place for our family.

*Tomorrow, this Home Tour continues with a Christmasy Entry!  See you then!*

{Inspiration Affirmation}

Moms’ Christmas Home Tour: The Brick Room

Good morning, friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you are enjoying this season as much as I am.  As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I have some exciting features coming these next couple of weeks!  Get ready for a Christmas Inspiration Overload!  ;-)  Since I am pretty much finished with my own Christmas crafts and decorating, I thought I would turn this blog over to two wonderful women in my life and show you what they’re up to this Christmas season.

Moms' Christmas Home Tours  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Oh, yes.  It’s happening!  My beautiful mommy and fabulous mother-in-law have been kind enough to let me house crash and take note of all of the amazing Christmasy details so that you, my wonderful readers, can get all kinds of inspired!  This week, we’ve got my mother-in-law, Sharon’s, decor, and you are not going to want to miss out!  Next week, I will be writing all about my mom’s beautiful decorating, and I can’t wait to show you that, too!  Here’s the schedule for this week…

Moms' Christmas Home Tours Week One {Inspiration Affirmation}
Is this gonna be fun, or what?!  And it all starts today, my friends.  Let’s get going!  Day One brings us to what we ‘kids’ call The Brick Room.  Why, you ask?  Because of the brick flooring (aren’t we clever?).  This room is off to the left of the formal entry when you walk through the front door.  Come on in!

Brick Room Christmas {Inspiration Affirmation}

Brick Room Christmas {Inspiration Affirmation}
As you can see, the brick flooring is covered with a beeeautiful rug that helps to echo the deep red color palette of the Christmas decor all throughout this room.

Brick Room Christmas {Inspiration Affirmation}
Lots of reds, browns, and metallics in this room that really pull it all together.

Brick Room Christmas {Inspiration Affirmation}
Off to the side, there is a pretty vignette complete with a feather wreath hanging from antlers, and a festively-dressed frog relaxing on one of the many seating options in the room.

Brick Room Christmas Centerpiece {Inspiration Affirmation}
On the coffee table in the Brick Room, there is a lovely Christmasy centerpiece.  My mother-in-law changes out the contents of this tray for every season — very handy!

Christmas In The Brick Room Centerpiece {Inspiration Affirmation}
Here is a closer view.  A branch candelabra and gilded pinecones look beautiful against the ‘snowy’ base.

Christmas In the Brick Room Centerpiece {Inspiration Affirmation}
And closer yet again so that you can see all of the pretty features.  I love how my mother-in-law sprinkled some of the snow on the candelabra, too!  It’s all about the details, people!  ;-)

Christmas In the Brick Room Dining Centerpiece {inspiration Affirmation}
Here is an easy centerpiece in the formal dining area of the Brick Room.  This is where we celebrate holidays and other special occasions.

Christmas In the Brick Room Dining Table Centerpiece {Inspiration Affirmation}
This centerpiece features a glass hurricane with an ornate candle in the center, placed in the middle of a wreath.  Easy-peasy — and so pretty!

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Now how about that fireplace?  Let’s take a closer look.

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel {Inspiration Affirmation}
A pretty, full garland is spread across the top, with vases of feathers and sticks flanking the sides of the mantel (those are always there, but I love them at Christmas so much!).

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel  {Inspiration Affirmation}
A gorgeous ribbon adorned with berries and a sprinkling of gold accents…*sigh*.  That’s Christmas to me.

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel {Inspiration Affirmation}

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel {Inspiration Affirmation}
And seriously…how fun are these stockings?!  (Blogger-Leg Reflection Alert!)  I love how well they tie in with this room’s decor and how embellished they are!  Nothing shy about these babies!

Christmas In the Brick Room Mantel {Inspiration Affirmation}
A glittery Christmas angel sits on the hearth of the fireplace.  Isn’t she pretty?

Christmas In the Brick Room Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
Of course, what’s Christmas in the Brick Room without the red tree?

Christmas In the Brick Room Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
I love the mix of ornaments on this tree.  Huge ones intermixed with the daintier variety.  This red tree is not for the faint of heart — it’s large and in charge!  ;-)

Christmas In the Brick Room Tree {Inspiration Affirmation}
There she is all lit up…makes my heart sing!  Let’s take one final look at this beauty of a room…

Christmas In the Brick Room {Inspiration Affirmation}

What’s your favorite part?  Is it the shimmery red tree?  The frog in the corner?  The beautiful mantel?  Let’s discuss!

*Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day Two of this week’s Christmas Home Tour — a festive kitchen!*


{Inspiration Affirmation}



My mother-in-law zhushed up the tree a bit with some gold mesh ribbon (found at Paddock Pools, no lie!) and a different sort of tree topper.  I love this version, too!

Christmas In The Brick Room {Inspiration Affirmation}

Christmas In the Brick Room  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Christmas In the Brick Room  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Now that’s a tree!  See you tomorrow!  {A big thank-you to my Father-in-Law for taking these beautiful updated photos for me! xo}



Room Translation: Coral-Inspired Bedroom

Hey there, friends!  Well, we made it to Friday!  I had so much fun with you all this week sharing my projects and decorating ideas.  I hope you are liking this new blog as much as I love writing it!  I have already met so many wonderful people in this awesome world of blogging, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to feel so surrounded by my peeps — you; the crafter; the DIY-hungry; the one with spray paint in your hair and hot glue on your fingers; the expert; the novice; the Pinterest-obsessed; the chef…I write for all of you, and you inspire me each and every day!

Since today’s Friday, it’s Room Translation time!  The inspired interior…

{This is the only source I could find.  If you know the true source, let me know!}

This bedroom appealed to me for many reasons.  The coral color, for one.  I mean…  To me, there’s nothing brighter or fancier or more fun than coral.  I love the delicate gold clock on the bedside table, and those pulls on the table?  HELLO!  Gorge.  Here is my translation…


Dwell Studio Headboard – {Zinc Door}
Crystal Cube Lamp – {Lamps Plus}
Seiko Clock – {Ebay}
Suzani Bolsters – {Furbish}
End Table – {Becker Furniture World}

What’s your favorite part of this room?

And now, just a quick round-up of what we’ve been up to this week at Inspiration Affirmation…

On Monday, I showed you my pretty, vintage Waterford crystal bowl that I filled with cinnamon-scented pinecones.

coffee table and sofa
On Tuesday, I featured an easy craft using Rub ‘n Buff as the main ingredient!
vase side
On Wednesday, I tried my hand at wrapping some presents in a cute way — a sorta-kinda big deal for this gift-bag-loving-girl.  ;-)
wrapping both
And on Thursday, I fixed a 130 year old porcelain elephant who was missing a back leg!  He’s walking much better these days.  ;-)
elephant tall

Which brings us to Friday, my friends.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you back here Monday morning for some crazy fun!  I’m kicking off a two-week series, and I hope you will join me!  Here is a sneak peak…

Moms' Christmas home Tours  {inspiration Affirmation}


Vintage Waterford Bowl + Pinecones

Hey there, friends!  Happy December!  Can you believe we are already there?  This season is going by so fast, it’s unreal.  I am attempting to do a lot of decorating and nesting so that I can really enjoy this season.  :-)

I have an easy Christmas decorating idea for you this morning.  I changed out the centerpiece on our coffee table, all with the help of some pinecones and a vintage Waterford crystal bowl that has been passed down to me from my grandmother — the bowl is over one hundred years old!

pinecones in bowl, close
Last week I showed you my centerpiece on my coffee table that consisted of berries and a really beautiful vase that my mother-in-law got me, and that has since been relocated.  I like to keep our coffee table really simple so that it is not distracting to my husband when he watches The Walking Dead, lol.  Because, Heaven forbid!  ;-)  The pinecones came from Target, and they smell like cinnamon — amazing!

pinecones in bowl, very close
I like that there are all sizes — it really made the zhushing process a lot easier!

coffee table and sofa
Now, let me tell you about this bowl.  It’s kind of a funny story.  I was over at my Gramma’s house one day and we were looking through some of her things.  She grabbed this bowl and said, “Do you want this old thing?” and I thought it was beautiful, so I told her that I would.  She told me she was going to go get the box, and when she returned, she had a Waterford box that this piece fit perfectly inside of, and she nonchalantly mentioned that the bowl was “old.”  Upon further research, I realized that it is old — like 100 years old!  

I love having this bowl.  My mom says that she remembers my Gramma putting pretty ornament bulbs in it around Christmastime.  I think I will end up doing that later in the season, but for now, I’m happy with the sweet pinecones.

room further away
I’m looking forward to passing this down to my daughter someday, if we have one.  Or maybe a daughter-in-law?  We’ll see… ;-)

Do you have any surprise family heirlooms that have made it into your home?  What else would you put in this bowl?


*I featured our 2012 Christmas tree last Friday!  If you would like to see more of that, head on over!*

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