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Vintage Porcelain Elephant: I Can Fix That!

Have you ever seen a 130 year old elephant?  How about a 130 year old porcelain elephant?  How about a 130 year old porcelain elephant with a missing leg?

My Gramma gave me this elephant a couple of weeks ago.  She likes to give me things, as any grandmother does — just like when she gave me an “old bowl” that turned out to be Waterford crystal.  She gives me things and tells me to take good care of them, and that saying of hers really applied to this sweet elephant.  You see…

broken leg
*Gulp*.  How sad, right?  And he had been missing his leg for twenty-some years.  My Gramma told me I could take him home, and I promised her I would fix him right up.  So, with a little bit of E6000, my sweet elephant friend was standing on his own four feet again.  ;-)

elephant tall

elephant long
I need a name for him.  Do you have any ideas?