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Moving + Nesting

It’s been quite a while since I’ve logged on to this little blog, but my husband and I are finally feeling settled in our new place, so I have a bit of time.  :-)  Yep, we moved — very close to our old place but still a new home to decorate, unpack in, and enjoy.  It’s been quite the ride.  Along with that, school has been keeping me incredibly busy.  I’m looking forward to my Spring break in a couple of weeks — I’m hoping I can get some projects completed the week that I am off!  There hasn’t been a ton of time for decorating, except for on the weekends when I can usually get an hour or two of craftiness in — it keeps me sane.  ;-)

{Inspiration Affirmation}
This is simple enough, right?  My mother-in-law decorates with eggs, moss, and nests underneath domes each spring and this is the first time that I have actually tried it myself.  Super easy — it literally took me less than five minutes to create this cuteness.  The dome is from HomeGoods (where else?) and the moss, nest, and egg is from Hobby Lobby.

{Inspiration Affirmation}
I piled some of my favorite decorating books and placed my way-too-awesome nose bookend on its side on top.  Quatrefoil coasters are from Pier One ages ago, and the lucite tray is one of my favorite pieces of decor, from Crate and Barrel.

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Just another view.  :-)

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I used the rest of the eggs and moss that I bought from Hobby Lobby and gently placed them in my vintage Waterford crystal bowl.  The bowl is sitting on top of a cigar box that my husband really loves.

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I’m going to be painting this piece of furniture that the eggs and other decor is resting upon.  Any color ideas for me?  :-)

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Here’s where we’re at with our living room right now.  It’s sort of a hodge-podge but I do love how it is slowly coming together.

{Inspiration Affirmation}
That hardware on the side table needs to change — I’m going to tackle that really quickly this weekend!  :-)  Just watch me!

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Vintage Porcelain Elephant: I Can Fix That!

Have you ever seen a 130 year old elephant?  How about a 130 year old porcelain elephant?  How about a 130 year old porcelain elephant with a missing leg?

My Gramma gave me this elephant a couple of weeks ago.  She likes to give me things, as any grandmother does — just like when she gave me an “old bowl” that turned out to be Waterford crystal.  She gives me things and tells me to take good care of them, and that saying of hers really applied to this sweet elephant.  You see…

broken leg
*Gulp*.  How sad, right?  And he had been missing his leg for twenty-some years.  My Gramma told me I could take him home, and I promised her I would fix him right up.  So, with a little bit of E6000, my sweet elephant friend was standing on his own four feet again.  ;-)

elephant tall

elephant long
I need a name for him.  Do you have any ideas?


DIY Rub ‘n Buff Vase

Last week, I was perusing the aisles of Target for some DIY inspiration, and I came across a small collection of bowls from the Nate Berkus for Target line.  I really loved the gold color of the catchalls, and then a lightbulb went off in my head reminding me of a product that I had been wanting to work with for a long time: Rub ‘n Buff!

The first time I heard about Rub ‘n Buff was on Sarah’s blog, Thrifty Decor Chick, and it had been in the back of my mind for future projects ever since.  I went searching through the vase aisle at Target and found what looked like a stemless wine glass.  It was only a dollar, so I figured that if my ‘lil project didn’t work, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I drove on over to Hob Lob to pick up the Rub ‘n Buff and I found it over by the spray paint/acrylic paint aisle (in case you’re wondering!).  I also grabbed a stem of red feathers that I thought would look pretty against the gold of the vase and would work with the colors in our living room.

vase supplies
The Rub ‘n Buff color that I chose was Grecian Gold.  It totally reminds me of some of the gold pieces that I studied in one of my Art History classes in college!

vase rub n buff
This product is incredibly easy to use.  You literally just rub it on whatever you’re finishing, and it dries almost instantly in a gorgeous matte tone.  You can use your fingers (that’s what I did) or a cloth — I would use a cloth next time I rub-n-buff something as it was a little bit difficult to get the paint off of my hands.  A little bit goes a long way with this stuff.

vase side
I displayed my new little vase on the dresser that resides in our living room.  The dresser holds all of my husband’s hobbyish geekery!  ;-)  I have big plans to paint this piece of furniture, but that will have to wait for the Spring!

vase top
And there you have it!  Easy-peasy, my friends!  A quick, half an hour project that you can display right away.  I love that.

Have you ever used Rub ‘n Buff?  What other things would you use this product on?


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