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Frightfully Adorable Halloween Tablescapes

Hey, there!  Since Halloween is Thursday, this week is going to be all about celebrating this fun and spooky holiday.  I haven’t yet published anything Halloween-ish on this blog, so I’m really excited about doing so this year.  Today, we’re focusing on frightful Halloween tablescapes.  ;-)  I, like so many of you, love designing a table theme around any holiday (really, I’m not picky!).  I love poking around Pinterest for ideas and then putting my own spin on them.  Let’s look at some fun ones, shall we?

Halloween TablescapingCoco + Kelley

Halloween TablescapingThe Tablescaper

Halloween TablescapingBright, Bold, + Beautiful

Halloween TablescapingCamille Styles

Halloween Tablescaping {Inspiration Affirmation}Between Naps on the Porch

Halloween Tablescaping {Inspiration Affirmation}Between Naps on the Porch

Halloween Tablescaping  {Inspiration Affirmation}Maureen Stevens

Halloween Tablescaping  {Inspiration Affirmation}Once Upon a Plate

Are you tablescaping in a fun and festive way for Halloween?  

Inspiration Affirmation Signature


Happy Heart Day!

Happy Heart Day!  {Inspiration Affirmation}
Good morning!  I’m popping in this AM to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!  :-)  I hope that however you are spending it, you have a day filled with love, appreciation, and chocolate!  Who can forget the chocolate, right?  I’ll be spending mine in school and then finishing up the packing process — we actually move tomorrow!  Wish us luck — we’re going to need it!  Ha!

Lots of love to you and yours.

Image Source: {Style Me Pretty}

Valentine's Day Signature  {Inspiration Affirmation}

Vintage Waterford Bowl + Pinecones

Hey there, friends!  Happy December!  Can you believe we are already there?  This season is going by so fast, it’s unreal.  I am attempting to do a lot of decorating and nesting so that I can really enjoy this season.  :-)

I have an easy Christmas decorating idea for you this morning.  I changed out the centerpiece on our coffee table, all with the help of some pinecones and a vintage Waterford crystal bowl that has been passed down to me from my grandmother — the bowl is over one hundred years old!

pinecones in bowl, close
Last week I showed you my centerpiece on my coffee table that consisted of berries and a really beautiful vase that my mother-in-law got me, and that has since been relocated.  I like to keep our coffee table really simple so that it is not distracting to my husband when he watches The Walking Dead, lol.  Because, Heaven forbid!  ;-)  The pinecones came from Target, and they smell like cinnamon — amazing!

pinecones in bowl, very close
I like that there are all sizes — it really made the zhushing process a lot easier!

coffee table and sofa
Now, let me tell you about this bowl.  It’s kind of a funny story.  I was over at my Gramma’s house one day and we were looking through some of her things.  She grabbed this bowl and said, “Do you want this old thing?” and I thought it was beautiful, so I told her that I would.  She told me she was going to go get the box, and when she returned, she had a Waterford box that this piece fit perfectly inside of, and she nonchalantly mentioned that the bowl was “old.”  Upon further research, I realized that it is old — like 100 years old!  

I love having this bowl.  My mom says that she remembers my Gramma putting pretty ornament bulbs in it around Christmastime.  I think I will end up doing that later in the season, but for now, I’m happy with the sweet pinecones.

room further away
I’m looking forward to passing this down to my daughter someday, if we have one.  Or maybe a daughter-in-law?  We’ll see… ;-)

Do you have any surprise family heirlooms that have made it into your home?  What else would you put in this bowl?


*I featured our 2012 Christmas tree last Friday!  If you would like to see more of that, head on over!*

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Craftberry Bush

Hostess Gift: White Chocolate Oreos

Last week on Thanksgiving, my husband and I ate our feast at my Aunties’ house with a bunch of other family.  They are wonderful hosts, and we had such a great time.  They didn’t need any help with meal preparation, but I knew that I couldn’t go over there empty-handed!  ;-)  I decided to whip up some White Chocolate-Covered Oreos for them and dress them up in a pretty tin with some muffin liners.

cookies in tin top
This is so simple, it really doesn’t even need a tutorial.  You need Oreo’s, Baker’s White Chocolate, and edible glitter (mine is from Williams-Sonoma).

colors on baking sheet
Simply heat the chocolate according to the package directions, then dye with food coloring (or don’t, whatever!) and dip away!  I found the best way to do the ones that are completely covered was to place them in the chocolate, stir them around gently with a wooden spoon, and then lift them out of the chocolate with a fork and shake off the excess chocolate.

pink on baking sheet
Place on waxed paper on a cookie sheet, and stick ’em in the refrigerator for a bit if you want to speed up the drying process.

white on baking sheet
I needed about 2 1/2 packages of chocolate for my cookies.  Depending on how you decorate them, you may need more, or you may need less.

tin side
The tin is a simple one that I bought from Target — I think it was $5?  I know that I could have gotten something for a bit cheaper at the Dollar Store, but I didn’t want to make the extra trip.

tin top
I customized a simple brown tag from Hobby Lobby with a couple strips of Martha Stewart brand washi tape and my very own chicken scratch (yeah, my handwriting isn’t all that pretty).  The bow is from my stash…I’m obsessed with bows.  ;-)

cookies in tin side
Very easy little gift, and cute, too!  I think in all it took me about an hour or so?  Plus, they are deeeelicious.  I may or may not have saved a few for Greyson and myself.  ;-)

What other ways could you customize these for different holidays?  Give me some ideas!  The options are endless, I’m sure!


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Craftberry Bush

Those Christmas Berries…

Oh, those Christmas berries.  You know, the ones that come on branches that you can find in the midst of the hustle and bustle that is Hobby Lobby?  We have inherited all of our tree decorations from my generous mother-in-law, and usually the top of our tree is decorated with strands of berries jutting out of the top.  It’s really fun, and it’s the way we’ve had it for the past few years; but this year I wanted to try something different (which you will see in the next few days, my friends).  So, the berries needed a home.

empty one angle

empty another angle

empty top

Enter…the tree trunk vase.  My mother-in-law picked it up for me at AJ’s and it was only three dollars!  I was so excited when I saw it because I know that this is a vase that will be completely multipurpose throughout the seasons…and I love that.  But upon staring at the massive amount of berry strands that I had acquired, I just knew what I had to do.

filled with berries another angle

filled with berries one angle

filled with berries top
Easy peasy, my friends.  Just cut and stick.  So simple, and such a pretty coffee table item.

on coffee table

Do you have an abundance of Christmas berries, too?  How about a tree trunk vase?  Any other ideas of what I could put into this cute little vase?


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Reindeer Mix

I had a little bit of time on my hands the other day while my husband was at work, so I thought I would make a fun treat to bring him and his workies!  :-)  Enter…Reindeer Mix.  Like Puppy Chow — but peppermint.  Thus, Reindeer Mix.  You dig?  Some of you are yelling at me through the computer — too EARLY for the Christmas “stuff.”  To you, I say — I know.  BUT, it was an especially cool and overcast day, I was playing Christmas music in our apartment, and I thought — why not?  

Reindeer Mix
Serves: Lots of hungry men (or just a lot of peeps in general)

Mix Far Away

1 regular-sized box Rice Chex cereal
1 cup Peppermint Hershey’s Kisses
1/3 cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar


1. Melt the Hershey’s Kisses and butter in a *large* microwave-safe bowl.  Do this in 30-second increments, and stir in between each session.  When melted, stir in the vanilla.

2. Pour the Rice Chex cereal into the very melty chocolate-butter mixture, a little bit at a time — and stir gently, coating.

3. In a Zip-Lock bag, add half of the powdered sugar, and half of the Chex mixture.  Zip up the bag and shake what yo momma gave ya!  Empty the bag into an airtight container, and repeat the process with the remaining powdered sugar and Chex mixture.

4. Enjoy!  But not too much, otherwise you will get heartburn.  I’m not kidding.

Mix and Chocolate

Mix Close Up

What is your favorite Christmas-y treat?


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